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1. Who we are

The ARC team consists of private Holocaust researchers. Our task is to uncover the history of the Aktion Reinhard Camps, and to tell the world about all aspects of the extermination of Jewry in East Europe. We are constantly attempting to help the relatives of people murdered in these camps discover their relatives' fate, and to commemorate them. This work is our long-term commitment to Holocaust history.
The website is maintained by our Webmaster in the USA and the UK.  ARC Secretary & Trustee: Chris Webb.

2. History

The ARC Group was founded by private Holocaust researchers in 2002, the URL and website was created and registered by Chris Webb. Starting point was a Treblinka model, presented on the internet, contributed to ARC by Michael Peters, (subsequently removed for inaccuracies).  Little by little more interested people joined the group. Meanwhile members and friends in the following states are doing (or did) their best to improve the website: Austria, Denmark, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, UK, and USA.
In October of 2006, the ARC website was subjected to vandalism and it's pages almost lost forever. During the reconstruction phase of the ARC website the decision was made by the ARC secretary and it's members to Archive the website for future use as a reference and educational resource. After many long hours of laborious rebuilding the ARC website was fully restored in December of 2006, and so it remains.

3. Support

Since the launch of this website on 14 December 2002, more than 4 million accesses to single pages have occurred. We are very grateful for this great resonance, which indicates that our task is achieving significant success. The website still continues to be visited and viewed by tens of thousands of people every day from all parts of the world. Each and everyone of them is a contributor in their own way, helping to keep the memory of the victims of the Holocaust and Aktion Reinhard alive.

We are very grateful for the daily support of our partners in life. Without them we could not have reached the standard of this website.

The ARC team is no longer accepting donations. The Genuine ARC website has been archived for posterity.
We would advise visitors to "steer clear" of counterfeit version of the ARC website using hyphenated URL's to solicit donations.
-Trustees  ARC

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