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Has been Archived Indefinitely as of – December 2006

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On The Genuine ARC Copyright & Free Use of this website & all associated materials.


We advise all visitors that a Counterfeit version of the Genuine ARC website with links to Neo-Nazi forums & Hate Blogs has appeared online hosted (of course) in Germany. Legal action is currently underway to put an end to this fraudulent activity but in the meantime we want our visitors to be aware of the situation as we've received numerous complaints from Holocaust Survivors and their families regarding the offending website.


The Latest Counterfeit URL is spelled  []  note the hyphen


We believe the webmaster and the registrant of this bogus site are the same individuals responsible for vandalizing the genuine ARC website back in October of 2006. The same month this counterfeit website coincidentally made it's appearance online.


 In addition it has also come to our attention that this criminal element is  fraudulently attempting to solicit contributions from survivors and families, and is seeking to

Profit from the Holocaust by charging money for photos, text, and website linkage.


All material, text, photos, maps, in all languages that appear on this website   MAY BE USED  FREE OF CHARGE  Providing the source is listed as ARC The Genuine ARC Team has NO association with these counterfeiters and Holocaust profiteers!



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Beware of counterfeit ARC websites with hyphenated URL's.