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October 2013


Holocaust Revisionism and Controversial Hate Blogs (part 2)


ARC Editorial


October 2013


Dear Readers,


It is always nice not to be regarded as common fools, and for this we must thank Carlo Mattogno, the Holocaust Denier for recognising it, in his latest work.


We obviously do not agree that we are intellectually dishonest as he and other revisionists portray. It's simply that we believe in the Holocaust narrative as generally accepted by the mainstream historical community, and given that we maintain multiple Holocaust Memorial websites; we also understand we are uncomfortable to him and those like him.


So be it. We make no apologies for doing what we do.


Aktion Reinhard(t), the mass murder programme of Jews during 1942 -1943 happened. There is no controversy, it is an established fact.


Nothing to debate here, and people should come to terms with that.


Some people spend their lives engaged in pointless debate with Holocaust Deniers like Mattogno, Graf, Kues and others. What they do is up to them. We donít engage in this past-time, and we never have.


Regarding the Holocaust Controversies bloggers, we turned down the request by Sergey Romanov in 2006, when he was a novice associate in the second-term ARC group, to create such a controversial debate forum on our website. We thought it was a dumb idea then, years later it is still a dumb idea. 


So, we want people to be clear, debating the Holocaust is not for us, we let our work speak for itself. We donít deny anyone the opportunity to debate, if they so wish. We just have better things to do with our time. The Holocaust isnít a game, scoring points, playing to a gallery. We donít participate, not out of fear, as Mattogno claims, but rather out of respect for historical facts. There is enough evidence to support the Holocaust, in all its forms, photographic, documentation and testimonies under oath.


There is no controversy - the Holocaust unfortunately happened, and we are proud, that we portray it honestly and with respect for the terrible events that took place between 1933-1945.


Carlo Mattogno is partly correct as to why we hold Holocaust Controversies members in such contempt. That they use foul and abusive language does show their lack of personal development and discipline, we agree with Mattogno there. But he is way off the mark as the comments below will show:


That Nick Terry, Sergey Romanov, Roberto Muehlenkamp and Mike Peters were all expelled from ARC seven years ago, is a proven fact. That our demise, which is a tad premature, as we clearly haven't gone anywhere, yet is still proclaimed on their blog as a HOT TOPIC!  This show us clearly nothing much has been happening in the HC world for the past seven years, and we find that quite amusing.


The Holocaust Controversies bloggers were expelled for a number of reasons, we had some suspicions they had produced a number of high quality fakes and forgeries, and other than this, they had contributed little or nothing, to the website.  These forgeries were later uncovered and their origins confirmed by technology experts and the suspects were confronted with their actions.


That one of their members has since apologised and said how he bitterly regrets his actions, is enough for us. At least he showed some character, until that time it was deemed that they fell short of the qualities needed to be members of ARC.


The HC group were seen by many as a cancer that needed to be cut out, before it became terminal, and we took appropriate actions to remove them which in turn lead to retribution from HC in the form of this website being vandalized and its content destroyed.


It took several months of hard work recreating ARC, days spent weeding through thousands of articles and photos to ensure that all the tainted material supplied by Sergey Romanov and fraudulently planted by Michael Peters were identified and expunged, and all references to HC removed.

They later went on to launch a counterfeit version of ARC in violation of international Copyright law. This was later removed through legal action.


We are content that the odious HC gang were run out of town in October 2006, with their tails between their legs. But they are an odd collection of misfits. They quote from our Holocaust Memorial websites one minute, then attack and slander us the next. They seem odd and confused, not knowing whether they are Holocaust believers or champions of Holocaust Denial.


That we were able to restore the ARC website, once it had been vandalized, was pleasing, that it had to be archived was a shame, but at least it is still available. So Carlo Mattogno you are wrong, we donít despise them for what they did, we pity them.  


ARC Trustees



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