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The Genuine ARC team has blocked attempts by controversial "self proclaimed" Holocaust Debunkers and links from the hateful blogs and revisionist forums they post on.


These deniers and "debunkers" have attempted to associate themselves with the ARC team and website in their Internet smear campaigns and petty online disputes. The Genuine ARC has no association with these scandalous individuals, their blogs, or their maligning comments.

We advise visitors to ignore Internet postings with links to our website from any blog or forum that denies the Holocaust, or attempts to debate or engage Holocaust deniers in silly arguments or contentious threads!


The Holocaust can never be denied, and there is nothing to be argued or debunked!


For those "controversialists" who feel the overwhelming need to argue or debate with Holocaust deniers we ask that you please use some other website to make your point!  As your views, and your  controversial intentions are not welcome here!


-The Genuine ARC Team



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