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The SS und Polizeiführer of Lublin
SS-Gruppenführer Globocnik

Shortly after the beginning of the Russian campaign, a concentration camp was established in Lublin on orders of the RFSS. The Inspector of Concentration Camps, Glücks, took over the appointed land from Globocnik, together with the beginnings of a camp, and made Koch – until then commandant of Buchenwald – commandant of the camp. On that occasion Globocnik promised Glücks enormous quantities of blankets, underwear and footwear, kitchenware, and medical instruments and medicine for use in the concentration camps. After that Glücks came to Auschwitz and ordered me to pick out all the promised supplies for Auschwitz. I went to Globocnik at once with my Verwaltungsführer (administrative officer), at that time Wagner. After a lot of being sent here and there, we managed to get something usable for Auschwitz. Today I cannot recall the quantity or the kind of material, but amongst it there was some medical equipment and instruments and medicine. At any rate the spoils were miserably small compared with the amount that Globocnik had promised. These were articles which had been requisitioned ...

RFSS = Reichsführer-SS (Heinrich Himmler)