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* Note to our viewers *

Unauthorized links to our website from the controversial and grossly inaccurate hate blog postings of the following persons:

Roberto Muehlenkamp  -  Sergey Romanov   -   Dr. Nick Terry  

 Are not condoned by ARC. We maintain no connection to Holocaust hate blogs, and would caution all to avoid being misled by these individuals.


John Ulrich Poulsen  "Photos of Gates and Mottos Pages"  deemed inappropriate and removed from the Genuine Action Reinhard Camps website.

Due to a high volume of emails we've received stating the John Ulrich Poulsen Concentration Gates & Mottos pages offer no value to the viewer other than to symbolize and to glorify the Nazi Concentration camp system, the ARC Trustees have revisited the Independent websites and determined that the John Ulrich Poulsen pages in fact maintain no relevant connection to the events of Action Reinhard.  Furthermore, the ARC Trustees’ concede that views expressed by visitors regarding these pages can be understandably & reasonably construed. Henceforth, in keeping with the spirit of memorializing the victims and survivors of the Holocaust, any promotion of such views are deemed inappropriate.

The John Ulrich Poulsen pages have been removed from the genuine ARC website. 

We would also like to take this time to apologize to anyone who may have been offended by the John Ulrich Poulsen pages.   -ARC 


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