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APRIL 2013


Holocaust Revisionism and Controversial Hate Blogs


Many people may have read the recent article on the Holocaust Denial website Olodogma by Jurgen Graf, Thomas Kues and Carlo Mattogno in their partial response to the Holocaust Controversies group who produced a paper attacking them in December 2011.


We will not name the individuals concerned, they do not need any publicity from us.


As this website, was mentioned in their partial response, we feel it is only right they we put the record straight in this editorial edition.


When we started developing the Aktion Reinhard Camps website in 2002 we thought it would be a robust bastion against Holocaust Denial and we hope it will always be so. The website in three short years was a pioneering and much-loved body of work, thanks to the original members of good faith and standing, and disregarding those contributors of ill-repute (i.e. Michael Peters), who played a major role in this website being vandalized and counterfeited back in 2006.


So that said, imagine the irony to find that our website has been quoted by a leading Holocaust Denier in their counter-attack on the Holocaust Controversies group. Mattogno also makes the claims that we abhor the Holocaust Controversies group because they use foul language and we shy away from debating the Holocaust because we are frightened of opening up a Pandora's box that we couldn’t defend. He isn’t quite right on either counts.


First of all we are not frightened of debate with Holocaust Deniers, if they could convince us that it is a debate worth dedicating our time to. We are light-years apart on how we perceive the Holocaust. Our view is that the Holocaust happened, there is no controversy, and there is simply too much robust evidence which renders any such debate as completely meaningless. The website is a clear statement of our beliefs and we are proud to stand up and be counted as those who believe in the Holocaust and we honour those who were victims of the evil designs of the Nazis.


If any Holocaust Denier thinks they can rise to this challenge, they can write to me at secretary@ -  My secretary will pass it on to me. We can guarantee that whilst we might not agree, we will strive to be polite, and respectful of free speech, and happy to debate, if the merits are proven.


In respect of the Holocaust Controversies group, it is true in their blogs they use foul language, but to be frank this is one of their lesser shortcomings, they cannot help this, and like awkward teenagers (although they are middle-aged men), maybe it is something they will grow out of.


We have an understandable dislike of this rather odious group, because of what their members have done, not what they say. They were responsible for producing countless fakes and forgeries, which they tried to implant on the website. They did this over a number of years, long before they applied for membership to our team, courtesy of Michael Peters, and later during their probationary membership period. Even going so far as to mastermind a devious approach of mixing fakes and forgeries with genuine items, in a way that would be difficult to detect.


We managed to identify and contain the vast majority of these fakes and forgeries, like the forged Feix photograph from the website, sadly one or two of the higher quality fakes slipped through the net. We have removed false ID cards of Sobibor and Treblinka personnel and the fake Munzberger statement about Treblinka.It is our intention to fully re-build this website, following the shameful vandalism in 2006, but that has, and will continue to take some time.


The Holocaust Controversies purveyors of poison spin some story on their blog, but they conveniently leave out the part they played in the demise of ARC. Some researchers and historians they are?


They would appear to be tellers of half-truths and lies they seem to be masters at spreading hate and are not fit to represent anyone. They boasted about their exploits on RODOH, another hate-filled website, but they ensured that crashed into the ether when it became too incriminating for them. They have spread their poison far beyond their own blog, and can never be trusted by serious historians and researchers on the Holocaust.


Approach them with caution, if you must approach them at all.


Many will ask the obvious question, how can anti-Revisionists attack Holocaust Memorial websites like ARC, and the Holocaust Education and Research Team (H.E.A.R.T.) without betraying themselves?


Whose side are they really on?

Certainly not the side of truth.


A Holocaust Memorial website has been used to discredit Holocaust Controversies, are we concerned? Saddened maybe, not concerned. To be honest they brought it all on themselves, and they deserve all the suffering that is linked with their despicable behaviour. We would hope Holocaust Controversies would not link our ARC pages to any articles they cut and paste together in the future, but they are hardly the standard bearers of good behaviour.


In conclusion, regarding the Holocaust Controversies blog, the revisionists sadly have gotten it right.


The Action Reinhard Camps Trustees



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