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Action Reinhard Camps Website Restoration Initiative

(cleanup after being vandalized)

As part of our ongoing effort to restore the Action Reinhard Camps website to its original state, [prior to it being  vandalized back in  2006], we have identified this page as one of several forged/faked Holocaust documents created by the Holocaust Controversies group, and maliciously inserted into our pages by Michael Peters. We have removed the page and will replace it, and any other erroneous information with accurate historical data that is untainted by those "controversial bloggers" who seek nothing  more than to sow the seeds of discord and malcontent amongst the historical community.

We sincerely apologize for these events that were outside of our control, and pledge that Never Again will the ARC website be subjected to such insidious activity from any individual or group.

Since the ARC website was put into archival state back in 2007 we have been diligently updating all of our pages (offline) in preparation for a re-launch of the site, complete with an updated look and feel, and cleansed of association with the vandals.

We hope that ARC has proved a invaluable resource over the past ten years and we strive to ever improve our ability to shed light on the dark period of history known as Action Reinhard.



*  "Holocaust Controversies" is a controversial blog who's sole stated purpose is an insane dedication to manufacture dispute, and foster Internet-based altercation with Holocaust deniers and revisionist believers. However they have not limited their dispute to deniers, and are notorious for attacking Holocaust scholars, and websites as well.  The Holocaust Controversies members are linked to the attack on ARC, as well as the fabrication of forged documents and photos. Their entire membership has since been banned from this website, and we would remind everyone that the Action Reinhard Camps website maintains no connection to the members of that disreputable blog.

Holocaust Controversies members:

Nicholas Terry

Sergey Romanov

Roberto Muehlenkamp

Andrew Mathis

Michael Peters