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Le Memorbuch

Mémorial de la Déportation et de la Résistance des Juifs dus Bas-Rhin

Between 27 March 1942 and 22 August 1944, 84 deportation transports of Jews and other citizens took place from the present soil of France to the extermination camps in the Polish Generalgouvernement. These “convois” usually departed from the Durchgangslager Drancy, just northeast of Paris. Most of these “convois” went to Auschwitz. The deportation transports numbered 50 – 53, that took place in March 1943, had the extermination camp Sobibór as their destination.

In the Jewish tradition, remembering the perished by “giving back their names” to the victims of “fire and force”, is very important, because it will prevent them from being forgotten by the Supreme Being. The tradition of mentioning the victims’ names in a “Memorbuch” (book of remembrance) dates back to the days of the first crusade (1096 A.D.). In Jewish communities in the south of Germany (like Mainz) and the north-east of France (like towns in the Alsace) many Memorbuchs were created over the centuries, especially after pogroms.

In the Memorbuch du Bas-Rhin (Lower Rhine), French department 67, with Strasbourg as its capital, the Grand-Rabbin in that city, René Gutman, took up the idea of composing another Memorbuch in honour of the victims of Nazism from this region.

Some of the transports, more specifically the convois 50 – 53, went to Sobibór. Trains stopped at several places on their routes to extermination, and even in the Sobibór extermination camp itself some people were selected for work in or on behalf of the camp.

Nonetheless, no sign of survival ever reached their relatives, and yet these people deserve to be remembered by us.

In the following lists you will find the names of Jews mentioned in the Memorbuch from the department from Bas-Rhin, occupied and annexed by Nazi-Germany during the war years.

Convoi 50
Left Drancy 4 March 1943, arrived at Sobibór about 3 days later. 12 Jews from Bas-Rhin.

Synagogue at Sarre-Union
Emile Lévy, born 24 May 1899 in Bad Krenznach, Austria, remembered in Haguenau.
Gustave Winter, born 15 September 1885 in Mommenheim.
Maurice Alpern, minister, born 24 March 1909 in Mannheim, Germany, arrested in Rouffac, Jura, remembered in Pfaffenhofen. His wife Jeanne, born 3 March 1909 in Budapest, Hungary, was deported on convoi 64, that left for Auschwitz on 7 December 1943.
Dora Polsky, born 1883 in Wieger, remembered in Pfaffenhofen.
Samuel Semiac, born 15 May 1886 in Snidowo, Poland, remembered in Sarre-Union.
Hermann Friedmann, born 31 October 1892 in Markstraat, remembered in Strasbourg.
Daniel Hoffmann, born 20 October 1886, remembered in Strasbourg.
Henri Kirschenbaum, born 15 April 1920, remembered in Strasbourg; his mother Jenny, born 25 August 1897 in Riga, Latvia, was transported on convoi 71, which left for Auschwitz on 13 April 1944. His brother Daniel, born 23 May 1934 in Uffa, Poland, was on that transport too.
Nehemias Kohn, born 6 January 1890 in Krakow, Poland, remembered in Strasbourg.
David Koppel, born 12 December 1898, remembered in Strasbourg.
Simon Pillersdorf, born 5 March 1922 in Budapest, Hungary, remembered in Strasbourg.
Joseph Schlangen, born 18 February 1905, remembered in Strasbourg.

Convoi 51
Left Drancy 6 March 1943, arrived at Sobibór about 3 days later. 40 Jews from Bas-Rhin.

Synagogue at Colmar
Achille Ellenbogen, born 27 May 1879, remembered in Barr.
JeanneWeil-Wertheimer, born 11 May 1896 in Westhouse, remembered in Benfeld.
Richard Ohnstein, born 24 November 1890 in Greven, Germany, having lived in Obernai, remembered in Bischwiller.
Léopold Bedeau Wloch, born 21 October 1897 in Chanciny, remembered in Diemeringen.
Kurt Marx, born 25 April 1922 in Frankfurt/Main, remembered in Erstein.
Max (Mordoché) Lévy, born 15 February 1901 in Karassou, remembered in Muttersholtz.
Léopold Stern, born 6 January 1892 in Königsbach, Germany, arrested in Limoges, Haute-Vienne, remembered in Soultz-sous-Forêts.
Maurice Cytrynowicz, born 25 October 1923 in Altona, Germany, remembered in Strasbourg.
Gedalia Cytrynowicz, born 6 February 1900 in Opothno, remembered in Strasbourg.
Jacques (Jankiel) Dobin, born 11 December 1906 in Stuttgart, Germany, remembered in Strasbourg.
Oscar Ehrlich, born 6 March 1921, remembered in Strasbourg.
Machul Gelcmann, born 25 October 1889 in Ujazd, Poland, remembered in Strasbourg.
Salomon Gerber, born 14 June 1923 in Mosciska, Poland. His brother Max Mayer Gerber, born 5 January 1925 in Mosciska, Poland, both remembered in Strasbourg. Their parents, Joseph Gerber (*26 May 1888 in Prukov, Poland,) and Frieda Gerber-Schultz (*16 January 1890 in Laski, Poland,), as well as their sister Clara (Claire) Gerber (*17 February 1930) were deportated on Convoi 62 to Auschwitz, on 20 November 1943.
Benjamin Gutman, born 18 October 1914 in Lodz, Poland, remembered in Strasbourg.
Pajsach Halberg, born 7 February 1909 in Buczacz, Poland, remembered in Strasbourg.
Sigismond (Siegmund) Katzenberger, born 13 March 1883 in Vilbels, remembered in Strasbourg.
Max Klinger, born 27 November 1904 in Budapest (Hungary), remembered in Strasbourg.
Joseph Lemler, born 22 December 1902 in Auschwitz, remembered in Strasbourg.
Pinkas Lerner, born in 1881, remembered in Strasbourg.
Mayer Lieberman, born 31 January 1886 in Boryslaw, Poland, remembered in Strasbourg.
Henri Magier, born 27 September 1922 in Hannover, Germany, remembered in Strasbourg.
Gerson Jacob Makowski, born 16 October 1902 in Lodz, Poland, remembered in Strasbourg. He was married to Fanny Schwartz, about whom the Memorbuch gives no further details.
Arthur Meyer, born 2 March 1882 in Hamburg, Germany, remembered in Strasbourg.
Isaac Perkal, born 3 December 1902 in Nowaminsk, remembered in Strasbourg.
Leon (Leibus) Prechner, born 25 October 1895 in Lodz, Poland, remembered in Strasbourg.
Leon Rieger, born 31 March 1922 in Nürnberg, Germany, remembered in Strasbourg.
Manfred Rothschild, born 19 July 1924 in Frankfurt, Germany, remembered in Strasbourg.
Joseph Rottler, born 29 May 1924, remembered in Strasbourg.
Shelomo (Salomon) Rottler, born 17 January 1917 in Budapest, Hungary, remembered in Strasbourg.
Szlama Szefner, born 5 October 1885, remembered in Strasbourg.
Eljasz (Elias) Sywier, born 14 December 1882, remembered in Strasbourg.
Samuel Leizer Tendler, born 15 January 1901 in Wolbron, Poland, remembered in Strasbourg.
Kalman Charles Tiefenbrenner, born 22 June 1882 in Klasnow, Poland, remembered in Strasbourg.
Samuel Vogelhut, born 13 May 1887 in Porenba, remembered in Strasbourg, fusilladed.
Moritz Moszek Wald, born 1 January 1902 in Olkasz, Poland, remembered in Strasbourg.
Nathan Wertheimer, born 19 May 1897, remembered in Strasbourg.
Israël Alexandre Wortmann, born 28 February 1912 in Seredony, Poland, remembered in Strasbourg.
Bernard Zafrin, born 24 November 1888 in Dynow, Poland, remembered in Strasbourg.
Oscar Samuel Zysmann, born 17 June 1897, remembered in Strasbourg.

Convoi 52
Left Drancy on 23 March 1943, arrived at Sobibór about 3 days later. 11 Jews from Bas-Rhin.

Plaque on Colmar Synagogue
Georges Wildenstein, born 14 January 1907 in Fegersheim (Bas-Rhin), lived in Saverne and Strasbourg. His father Paul Wildenstein (* 18 December 1876) was deportated on convoi 71, which left Drancy for Auschwitz on 13 April 1944.
Lazare Kahn, born 11 December 1898, printer by profession, Emma Kahn, his wife, born 18 July 1898, both remembered in Haguenau.
Henri Stern, born 9 April 1880, remembered in Haguenau.
Rosa Stern, born 5 November 1879, remembered in Haguenau.
Carole Stern, born 10 September 1912, remembered in Haguenau.
Isidore Spitzer, born 6 May 1910, priest in Offenburg, Germany, residences Kolbsheim and Wintzenheim-Kochersberg.
Elisa Borenstein, born 10 November 1876, remembered in Soultz-sous-Forêts.
Albert Dreyfuss, born 17 Juin 1915, remembered in Strasbourg.
Golda Schutzmann, born 16 October 1904 in Kolyn, Poland, remembered in Strasbourg.
Pierre Moïse Aron Levy, born 6 July 1912 in Guebwiller (Haut-Rhin, 68), remembered in Weiterswiller.

Convoi 53
Left Drancy on 25 March 1943, arrived at Sobibór about 3 days later. 53 Jews from Bas-Rhin.

Synagogue at Diemeringen
Marie Welnerman, born in 1880, remembered in Barr.
Alphonse Asch, born 26 October 1889 in Bischheim, remembered in Strasbourg.
Marthe Asch-Mosbacher, his wife, born 23 December 1892 (info Bischheim, Strasbourg gives 1889) in Metz, remembered in Strasbourg.
Juliette Weill, born 23 November 1921 in Strasbourg, daughter of Léopold Weill (no further information in the Memorbuch), remembered in Bischheim and in Strasbourg.
René Weil, born 12 April 1887 in Bergheim (Haut-Rhin), remembered in Bischwiller, Céline Weil, his wife, born 12 May 1894 in Schirrhoffen, Huguette Weil, daughter of René and Céline, born 14 September 1928, Lily Weil, daughter of René and Céline, born 9 February 1927, all from Bischwiller.
Henri Lazar(e), born 25 January 1882 in Schwenheim, Céline Lazar(e)-Levy, his wife, born 19 June 1887 in Weiterswiller, Yvonne Lazar(e), born 4 April 1923, Jean Lazar(e), born 28 October 1924, all remembered in Dettwiller. Jean and Yvonne were son and daughter of Henri Lazar(e) and his first wife Jeanne Gugenheim, who died in Dettwiller on 10 January 1929.
Elvire Bauer, born 30 June 1887, remembered in Duttlenheim.
Jeanne Levy, born 27 November 1897, remembered in Duttlenheim.
Henri Weill, born 29 September 1876, remembered in Duttlenheim.
Robert Wildenstein, born 10 November 1884, in Fegersheim, remembered in Saverne, murdered in Lublin, Poland, on 31 March 1943. His wife Jeanne Wildenstein, born 24 September 1889 in Wintzenheim (Haut-Rhin) and their adoptive daughter (name not mentioned) were deported on convoi 71, which left Drancy for Auschwitz on 13 April 1944.
Mathieu Himmler, born 23 January 1899, remembered in Gundershofen.
Sylvain Kaufmann, born 9 October 1877, remembered in Gundershofen.
Henri Weill, born 19 February 1884, remembered in Hatten.
Joseph Jules Elckann, born 7 November 1889 in Montbéliard (Doubs), his wife Julienne Elckann-Bloch, born 10 April 1897, remembered in Mackenheim. Her mother Mathilde Weill-Bloch, (*13 July 1870), daughter of Emmanuel Bloch and Rosalie Blum, married with Achille Weill, together with her sister Marguerite Weill, (*24 June 1902) were deported on convoi 69, which left Drancy for Auschwitz on 7 March 1944.
Marthe Glashendler, born 16 December 1890, remembered in Marmoutier.
Edouard Glashendler, born 10 March 1888 in Slitabine, Lithuania (?), remembered in Marmoutier.
Paulette Glashendler, born 23 November 1917 in Paris, remembered in Marmoutier.
Samuel Bloch, born 5 July in Cerrauti, remembered in Muttersholtz.
Moïse Levy, born 11 April 1880 in Obernai, also remembered in Strasbourg. His wife Palmyre Levy-Bloch, born 30 January 1878 in Muttersholtz, also remembered in Sélestat. In Obernai is also remembered their son (no name mentioned).
Edmond Ettinger, born 23 February 1879, remembered in Osthouse.
Berthe Vormus-Villard, born 22 November 1885, remembered in Saverne. Her parents, Gustave (*9 November 1865 in Lixheim, expelled on 19 July 1940) and Mélanie Villard (*15 April 1875 in Essinge, Russia) were deported on convoi 66, which left Drancy on 20 January 1944 for Auschwitz.
Edouard Vormus, born 16 October 1880 in Château-Malins (Moselle), remembered in Saverne.
Rose Vormus, born 6 December 1877 in Welfordine, remembered in Saverne.
Roger Vormus.
Camille Levy, born 8 August 1875, remembered in Scherwiller.
Achille Bauer, born 17 August 1886, remembered in Sélestat.
Claude Weil, born 21 July 1925 in Strasbourg, remembered in Sélestat and in Strasbourg.
Pauline Bloch, born 26 October 1875 in Wintzenheim, remembered in Strasbourg.
Claude Dreyfus, born 10 May 1917, remembered in Strasbourg.
Gabriel Hintz, born 19 September 1895 in Wintzenheim (Haut-Rhin), Denise Hintz, his wife, born 20 June 1906, Marlène Hintz, their daughter, born 5 August 1931, all three arrested at the Swiss border, remembered in Strasbourg.
Sophie Kahn, born 22 January 1881, remembered in Strasbourg.
Denise Levy, born 8 May 1896 in Ennery (Moselle), remembered in Strasbourg.
Marcelle Loeb, born 28 April 1923, remembered in Strasbourg.
Georges Manberger, born 9 June 1890, remembered in Strasbourg.
Augustina Marguerite Meyer-Ortlieb, borh 21 January 1889 in Wangen, wife of Ernest Meyer (no further mention in the Memorbuch), remembered in Strasbourg.
Jacques Weill, born 23 May 1923, his brother Claude Weill, born 21 July 1925, his sister Nicole Weill, born 21 January 1927. They were deported in 1943 from Saint-Malo (Ille-et-Vilaine), together with their parents Henri Weill (age 70) and Hortense Weill (age 52). The parents are mentioned in the Memorbuch, no convoi number known. All remembered in Strasbourg.
Camille Worms, born 11 December 1895, remembered in Strasbourg.
Palmyre Hirsch, born 22 July 1894, remembered in Trimbach.
Isidore Smolenski, born 8 December 1888, his wife Laure Smolenski, born 22 October 1893, their son Jean-Pierre Smolenski, born 2 March 1929 in Paris. All remembered in Wasselonne.

René Gutman, Le Memorbuch - Mémorial de la Déportation et de la Résistance des Juifs dus Bas-Rhin
(Editions La Nuée Bleue/DNA, Strasbourg, 2005)
The book can be ordered from: Editions de la nuée bleue
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