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Remnants of the Lipowa Street Camp

Last Update 8 April 2005


In 2004 a few remnants of the former forced labour camp at 7 Lipowa Street were still visible. The site is located at the corner of Ul. Lipowa and Obroncow Pokoju, along the Protestant cemetery at the Lipowa Street in Lublin.
The site is used as an unofficial car park (2004).

The former Camp Site. In the background the Protestant cemetery is located. The former camp was larger than this visible part.
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Steps, in those days leading to the SS toilets. Concrete foundations of the building are also visible.
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Remnants of the former floor of the toilet building. The outlines of at least three cubicles and drainpipes have outlasted the decades.
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Small remnant of a former barrack wall. It is located near the entrance to the Protestant part of the large catholic cemetery at Ulica Lipowa. The cemetery and its entrance gate is in the background.
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