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Police Battalion 101

Last Update 13 July 2005

The Hamburger Reserve-Polizeibataillon 101 (101st Reserve Police Battalion from Hamburg) was involved in mass murder of the Jewish population in Eastern Poland.
On 20 June 1942 it was called on to a special action (Sondereinsatz) and was put into action as III/Pol.Rgt. 25 (25th Police regiment III). One day later the battalion (11 officers, 5 civil servants and 486 Wachtmeister [policemen]) left Hamburg.
Commanding officer: Major Trapp, adjutant: Oberleutnant Haalck

1st company: Captain Wohlauf (until October 1942, then Hauptmann Steidtmann)
1st platoon: Lieutenant Boysen
2nd platoon: Lieutenant d. R. Bumann (d.R. = reserve)
3rd platoon: Platoon sergeant Junge

2nd company: Oberleutnant Gnade (until May 1943, then Oberleutnant Dreyer)
1st platoon: Lieutenant Schürer
2nd platoon: Lieutenant d. R. Kurt Dreyer
3rd platoon: Hauptwachtmeister Starke

3rd company: Captain Hoffmann (until November 1942)
1st platoon: Lieutenant Pauly
2nd platoon: Lieutenant Hachmeister
3rd platoon: Hauptwachtmeister Jückmann.

The battalion was deployed (at least) in Zamosc on 25 June 1942, in Bilgoraj on 30 June 1942, in Jozefow Bilgorajski on 13 July 1942, in Radzyn on 20 July 1942 and since October 1942 in the Lukow region.

The battalion was subordinated to SS- und Polizeiführer (SSPF) Lublin, Odilo Globocnik. Compliant troops ("Hilfswillige" / "Hiwis") from the SS training camp in Trawniki assisted the policemen during the so-called "actions" (Aktionen). These Trawniki men came from Ukraine and Galicia.

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