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Unauthorized links to our website from the controversial and grossly inaccurate hate blog postings of the following persons:

Roberto Muehlenkamp  -  Sergey Romanov   -   Dr. Nick Terry  

 Are not condoned by ARC. We maintain no connection to Holocaust hate blogs, and would caution all to avoid being misled by these individuals.


Within the scope of our web server capacity we can make it possible for associates to show their Holocaust and Genocide related websites. ARC does not accept any responsibility for the content of these independent websites nor for any possible legal consequences arising from any person accessing them.


Overview of Nazi-Germany's Concentration Camps 1933/34-1945
by John Ulrich Poulsen

The John Ulrich Poulsen pages have been removed from the Genuine ARC Website   Read more [HERE]


Occupation of Poland during World War 2 - Chris Webb's Photo Collection
by Chris Webb

Holocaust Art  by Michael Peters

The Michael Peters Art pages have been removed from the genuine ARC website   Read why - [HERE]

by Peter Laponder



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