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Last Update 3 August 2006

•  Are you intrigued by being able to visualize how a historic event took place or what a building looked like?
•  Is there a potential for accommodating a historic model or a historic simulation in your exhibition centre or museum?

If so, then maybe this is the site for you to explore!

View of a section of my latest model

We all are familiar with certain types of historical models; architectural, railroad, aircraft etc., available ready-made, for example plastic or even paper kits. Some are built from scratch as would be the case with architectural presentations of proposed buildings etc. These would all require the expertise of a dedicated and able model maker to realise.

However, to find expertise to reinterpret a historic event and realise it in the shape of a model is not in your average model maker's ambit.

A craftsman honed in a very specialized field of expertise is needed; someone who can do the research on a historical project (if needs be) to interpret the findings, and someone possessing the imagination, visual capabilities and model making skills in order to produce a three dimensional model or simulation.

This site will enable you to learn about my skills and capabilities as a model maker, specializing in historic buildings, sites and events.

I have more than 20 years experience working for cultural museums in South Africa during this time, got involved in historic modelling – a passion which I still currently pursue. During this time I have built up a considerable know-how in this field, encompassing dioramas, interactive electronic models and maps, topographical models al in the historical field.
Trained as a graphic artist and employed in the multi-skilled environment of museum exhibitions, this valuable experience further aided me in the unique field of historic modelling, providing me with the skills to provide the client with a sophisticated and professional end product.

The following is a sample list of some of the clients who benefited from this expertise, nationally and internationally: 
- The National Parks Board (Pretoria, Gauteng Province)
- The Ladysmith Siege Museum (Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal)
- The Iziko Museums of Cape Town (Western Cape)
- National Cultural History Museum (Pretoria, Gauteng Province)
- The Cape Town Holocaust Centre (Cape Town, Western Cape)
- Cata Museum for the Border Rural Committee. (East London, Eastern Cape)
- Vergelegen Estate for the Anglo American Group (Western Cape)
- Gisozi Genocide Memorial - Kigali, Rwanda

You are welcome to browse around and contact me ( if you feel that you will be able to employ any of my skills for a project application.

Peter Laponder