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Last Update 24 January 2005

Two Treblinka survivors digested their horrible time in Treblinka by creating a model of the camp each: Yankel Wiernik and Chaim Sztajer. They built their models by remembrance.
Chaim Sztajer's model is exhibited in Melbourne, his home after leaving Europe. Yankel Wiernik's model is exhibited in the Ghetto Fighters' House Holocaust and Jewish Resistance Heritage Museum in Israel.

In order to honour the victims who perished in Treblinka, two younger men decided to create a new Treblinka model each. They built their models separately, not knowing of each other. These new models are more detailed and in scale.

Mr. Laponder used Yankel Wiernik's remembrance and depiction for his own model which is exhibited in the Cape Town Holocaust Center. In addition he used several maps and testimonies from different sources.
In 2003 his newest model will be finished. It is a commission of the Beth Shalom Holocaust Center in Nottingham / England where it will be exhibited. His new model is based on air photos taken by the former German Luftwaffe.

Having read the book "Trap with a Green Fence" written by survivor Richard Glazar, Mr. Peters decided to build a model of Treblinka.
After meeting the author in Switzerland along with intense correspondence with Mr. Glazar the model could be finished. It is Treblinka acording to Mr. Glazar who unfortunately passed away before he could see "his" model.
Besides Mr. Glazar's information he used several maps, testimonies and his imagination to create his model.
Glazar, a man of most exact memory, was obviously wrong re the borders of the camp. Although he was forced to be a member of the "Camouflage Command" he didn't realize the real course of the border. Therefore this model shows the border not quite exact but according to Richard Glazar's remembrance.

The Laponder Model

The Peters Model

The Sztajer model

The Wiernik Model

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